Prepaid cards provide convenient, cost effective and secure access to funds anytime, anywhere.

Traditionally, card issuance involved extensive development and go-to market setup time, besides ever changing regulatory requirements. But with YAP, we help reduce the lead time with simple-to-integrate APIs. We also help absorb the complexity so you can focus on your business and start issuing cards faster.

YAP caters to diverse needs and use cases of its clientele, whether it’s a gift card, a multi-currency program for travel, payroll cards or general purpose reloadable cards for the unbanked, we have them covered.



Tatkal is the Indian term for “Instant”. As a new-gen lender, a wallet issuer or a micro-credit institution, YAP Tatkal allows you to offer your customers physical or virtual prepaid cards linked to your product. This empowers customers with the network effect offered by RuPay/Visa/ MasterCard without worrying about funding the cards separately.

By giving businesses the flexibility of Just-In-Time funding of the card right at the time of transaction YAP Tatkal delivers tremendous savings on resources, processes and - more importantly – cost!

Irrespective of where the store of value, YAP Tatkal ensures every transaction is Multi-Factor authenticated with bank-grade security and seamless recon between the various systems and networks.



With YAP Fleet we have re-imagined the fleet payments solution stack catering to Fleet Operators and logistics companies.

The fleet company gets real time access to spends besides being fully in control of toll, fuel and driver’s cash expenses. The fleet platform can be configured to suit a variety of workflows either using the web based dashboard or over API's.

With all payments getting funneled into a single account of the Fleet company, it brings in efficiency and eliminates leakages due to cash handling by drivers.


QR Payments

QR payments are one of the fastest evolving payment methods across developing economies. With its inherent cost advantage and easy to deploy technology, QR offers immense promise to be the ubiquitous payment method.

YAP offers capability to bundle in QR in your mobile wallets by embedding open loop Interoperable QR. Besides, YAP is the world leader in QR based merchant payments, with over 200,000 merchants and 15 banks rely on YAP for their QR payments solutions.