Once the business is able to test the APIs successfully, YAP would promote the instance to a Pre-Prod environment that will have an additional layer of YAP Security framework.
Api API List

  Authorization	: AuthenticationData
  Content-Type	: application/json
  Request Method : POST/GET
  Request & Response Type : application/json
  Response Structure : 	{
                          "result": {
                            {code data set}
                          "exception": null,
                          "pagination": null

API Name Description
Register Customer Register a Customer Card/Wallet
Load Customer Card/Wallet Load money to Customer’s card/Wallet
Add Card To add a Physical / Virtual card to Customer Account
Get CVV Pulls the CVV details only for virtual card number
Fetch Balance Balance Enquiry of Customer Card/Wallet
Get Card details Fetch Card Details and Expiry details
Transactions status by External Id Query the status of transaction with the transaction id provided by your side
Pay a Merchant or Pay @ Store To pay any BharatQR enabled merchant
Refund from Customer Pull back funds from Customer account
Lock / Unlock Locking or Unlocking the account
Fetch Transactions Fetch the transactions by Customer Id
Update Customer To update Customer details
Set Pin To set Customer’s pin
Card Replacement To replace a lost/stolen/damaged card

1. Register Customer
2. Load Customer Card/Wallet

3. Add Card

4. Get CVV

5. Fetch Balance

6. Get Card details
7. Transactions status by External Id

8. Pay a Merchant or Pay @ Store

9. Refund/Debit from Customer

10. Lock / Unlock

11. Fetch Transactions

12. Update Customer

13. Set Pin

14. Card Replacement